Chris Civil Celebrant


‘You did a fantastic job and everyone was impressed, especially with the short time frame you had to have fitted in all the information and delivered the way that we wanted it to be delivered. I would recommend your services to anyone.’ Mel

‘When my dad passed away, I had no idea where to begin with a eulogy. Chris made the whole process easy and delivered the eulogy beautifully. I couldn't recommend a better celebrant for such an important day. Thanks again Chris.’ Janine and Pete

‘Hi Chris, thank you for all you did during the week and on the day. Much appreciated.’ Michael

‘Thank you so much for doing dad's funeral, you did a fantastic job. It went so well, just the way he would have liked. And thank you for sending his eulogy so I can read it over again. Your mother was right, it is your calling. Well done. I will keep you in mind if I ever need you again, as you were so caring and so understanding. So I say thank you from our family.’ Cheryl

‘Chris Winer was the celebrant at my friend Bruce's funeral. Chris did a fantastic job on such a sad occasion. He was extremely professional and sympathetic. I would highly recommend him.’ John

‘Hi Chris, our family was very happy with it all; thanks for everything. Cheers.’ Richard and Karen

‘Chris Winer was very easy to talk to. Chris forwarded 60 questions relating to the deceased, which made it easy to discuss with other related people. We chose not to go with the run of the mill funeral, it was a memorial. I am glad Chris had some time with people, they were all very happy with the service and it was a fitting goodbye. It was planned with the help of Chris as a very simple and happy occasion of the life and times of a very memorable man. Thank you so much. Tom would have been very proud and pleased. Long ago he would have been annoyed at the fuss, but as we said, the edges came off later in life. Kind regards, ’ Barb

‘Hi Chris, that was great. Thank you so much again. You have done a wonderful job.’ Katie

‘Just wanted to say thank you for your effort today, everything went very well. Mel and I were very happy with the result and Googsy would have loved her send off. Thanks again.’ Colin

‘Morning Chris, I would like to thank you and all the lovely people who assisted my family in the farewell to my father Charles. We were guided and supported so much and we thank you for it. Kindest regards.’ Alison

‘Hi Chris, thank you for a really lovely service. Wonderful. I feel very happy about giving Beau a proper send off. Most of the funeral attendees reassembled to clear out his bungalow on Sunday. Spiritually, then materially. Thanks again.’ Trevor

‘Thanks Chris, you’ve done a great job from so little.’ Scott and Shelley

‘Hi Chris, thanks again for your services. We needed them so badly and you came through for us with flying colours. We have returned home and life is returning to some normality. At least the weather is nicer than down your way! All the best for the future.’ Andrew and Jane

‘It truly was a privilege to attend and be part of Marguerita’s beautiful service. Congratulations.’ Trisha and Terry

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